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Canada has a three-tiered pension system that reduces the risk of poverty in old age. Increasingly, however, Canadians are expected to do more for themselves to prepare for their later years. People receiving less than full payment from the Canada Pension Plan fall below the poverty line. One way to have more money is to reduce costs.

Almost any move will likely entail de-cluttering and may include down-sizing. Even if you stay in place, think about the unfairness this would create for your children if you don’t de-clutter and they have to do it. Sort through closets and drawers, as well as attics and basements if you have them.

I appreciated the wise thoughts in Letting Go and wanted to share them with you. Royal Gold Lily croppedFor me, they make sense for family, friends, neighbours, colleagues, and yes, even acquaintances and strangers.   Letting Go – Author Unknown LETTING GO does not mean to stop caring … it means not to take responsibility for someone else.

Inertia is often the biggest barrier to creating suitable housing for ourselves for the long term. The time to act is now, because more and more of us are going to live a very long time. Acting now instead of when the need is urgent also gives us more time and more choices to make good decisions. If we want housing that supports fulfilling, quality lives, the most important step is to identify now what we need and want from our homes in the future. Here are some things for you to consider. Different people will have different priorities, so be sure to discuss these if you have a partner!

When I started noticing that news announcers and commentators seemed to be getting younger and younger, it dawned on me that I must be getting older! I really enjoy learning, so I started exploring what it means to age well, and wondering how to live as fully as...

The older we get, the more our inner world seems to absorb our attention. This is a natural part of growing older, and life can become more satisfying if we incorporate our growing spirituality into everyday life through our connection to others. I look at spirituality in the context of our deepest values, our purpose and meaning in life, and the discovery or uncovering of the true essence of our being. Spirituality, to me, also implies the possibility of transformation, and an inner path to personal development and personal well-being, with or without a formal religion. Spirituality may also include contemplation, wonder, or awe of Nature, God(s), Spirit, or Beauty.