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Yes, there really are economic benefits to an aging population. The Longevity Economy, a report prepared by Oxford Economics for the American Association of Retired Persons, has this to say: “The growing population over 50 represents both a transformative force by itself and a net asset – a fast-growing contingent of active, productive people who are working longer and taking the economy in new directions.” Canadians tend to show similar patterns.

I was shocked, then puzzled, and finally saddened when a young man lied to me. I was networking at a business function and was asking him about the kind of retirement readiness offered by the large business he worked for. I’m particularly interested in people having purpose and meaning in their lives after retirement, so I was curious to know if anything more than financial planning was offered.  

Failure doesn’t exist for people with a growth mindset. Rather, they embrace challenges, learn from mistakes and failures, and continue to struggle and persevere in the face of difficulties. They recognize that intelligence, personality, and moral character can grow and change with hard work.