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Social Well-being

Have you ever wondered why you do whatever it is you do each day? Filling time with actions that aren’t significant for us can leave us feeling hollow, but focusing our attention on what really matters can fill us with a strong sense of purpose and meaning. It can dramatically change how we feel about things.

I sat down on New Year’s Day to do something I’d never done before – create my bucket list. I have lots of ideas about things I want to do, see, feel, and experience in life – perfect candidates for a bucket list – but somehow too many of my days were getting filled with other kinds of busyness. What about you?

If you’ve had some casual neighbourhood conversations, you may find yourself looking for deeper dialogues about things that really matter to you. Getting involved in local groups is a good way to start. I think that connecting with others who share your interests is one of the best ways to counteract the rampant individualism and loneliness in our society. Being with others encourages conversations!

It’s all very well to say Canadians should be saving for retirement, but it’s increasingly unrealistic for many in today’s economy. The context Increasingly, employment is precarious for many, not just for people with low-paying jobs but also including the middle class and self-employed persons. Short-term contracts...