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Getting Started - Aging Well With Marjorie
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Getting Started

Getting Started

When I started noticing that news announcers and commentators seemed to be getting younger and younger, it dawned on me that I must be getting older! I really enjoy learning, so I started exploring what it means to age well, and wondering how to live as fully as possible.

In today’s age, we older folks could live a long, long time. I started to get excited by aging-related research, and what I was experiencing myself. That was when I decided I wanted to share my journey, and hear back from others who are ‘mellowing and maturing’.

We are complex beings, with physical, mental, and social well-being all interconnected. At the same time, we may be focused on just one or two of these aspects of ourselves. By teasing out the richness of each of these, I hope to bring more balance and integration to the later stages of life’s journey.

I invite you to start with a topic that interests you, and then nudge yourself to explore an aspect of yourself that you maybe haven’t considered before. I’d also like to hear back from you, to know if what I’m sharing resonates with you.

I offer these resources for information and education purposes only, and here is my commitment to sustainability.

Bon voyage!

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