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Yes, You Need a Hobby - Aging Well With Marjorie
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Yes, You Need a Hobby

Yes, You Need a Hobby

Do you have fun and pleasure in your life? Something you look forward to? Gets rid of stress? Gives you joy and focus? Gets your mind off your troubles? If you do, you probably have a hobby!

A very busy person once told me she was learning to play the violin in the evening to wind down, instead of having a drink and watching TV. That hobby suited her well, because she could do it on her own time and it fit her interest and personality.

Finding a hobby

HobbyIf you want to start a hobby, or try a new one,  get a wealth of ideas from how to choose a hobby according to your interest and personality.

The site groups hobbies into categories that make sense, everything from Hobbies that Sharpen the Mind to Hobbies for the Physically Active Adventure Seekers. There’s even Hobbies that Can Earn Money, as well as Hobbies for the Homebody and Social Hobbies. And even more categories, each with multiple suggestions for hobbies!


Making it happen

Whether you’re bored to tears, or feel you’re living in a pressure cooker, fitting a hobby into your life will increase your sense of well-being – physically, mentally, and socially – and heighten your pleasure in life.

If you’re having trouble getting started, break it down into small steps, perhaps as tiny as noting in your calendar a date and time to check out how to choose a hobby. Just take the first step to spark your imagination and get going.

You might also be inspired by 100 Awesome Hobbies, but it may be wise to skip past any extreme physical suggestions in your later years.

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