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Nordic Walking Amazing Benefits - Aging Well With Marjorie
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Nordic Walking Amazing Benefits

Nordic Walking Amazing Benefits

Nordic pole walking brings so many benefits it’s no wonder that so many people are taking it up. It’s gaining popularity with people of all ages. 

Endurance and weight loss

Nordic walking can range from a relaxed form of walking and pole pushing to one that includes longer strides and more powerful pole pushing. Depending on how hard you work, 20% to 65% more calories are burned compared to walking without poles.

Whole body workout and heart health

By using the major muscle groups in arms, legs, chest, back, and torso, the whole body gets a workout. Breathing and heart rate both go up, which is good for cardiovascular health and brain health.

You may also be able to reduce high blood pressure, which has been shown to drop over 8 weeks with regular poling.

Better posture

As well, placing the Nordic poles as you stride along keeps you upright, which helps to improve posture, plus the upper body gets a workout. Ordinary walking tends not to give this benefit.

Starting off

Be sure to check health precautions before starting or changing a Nordic poling activity.

Nordic walkingYou could search on-line for Nordic walking groups or clinics or recreation programs to help you get started. That way, you can see if you like the idea of poling before you buy the equipment.

It’s best to start slowly, and get your arms and legs working together. The action is the same as walking: opposite arm and leg move forward together.

You may prefer the solitude of poling alone, or you may like to join a group for the social aspects of Nordic walking. Wear anything that’s comfortable.


Nordic poles come as fixed or adjustable length. Adjustable is good if you want to take your poles travelling, or use them on different kinds of terrain. Make sure they have a good locking mechanism to keep the length from slipping during a walk.

Both types of pole should be of a length such that your forearms are parallel to the ground when your hands are on the grips and the poles are vertical.

Poles should have adjustable straps that connect your hands to the poles. This enables you to relax your hand with each stride. You’ll also need replaceable rubber pole tips with a beveled shape. The tips can be removed depending on the terrain, especially when conditions are icy.


If you decide to start Nordic pole walking, I hope you get as much pleasure and benefit as most people seem to get from the activity.

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