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Yes, there really are economic benefits to an aging population. The Longevity Economy, a report prepared by Oxford Economics for the American Association of Retired Persons, has this to say: “The growing population over 50 represents both a transformative force by itself and a net asset – a fast-growing contingent of active, productive people who are working longer and taking the economy in new directions.” Canadians tend to show similar patterns.

Canada has a three-tiered pension system that reduces the risk of poverty in old age. Increasingly, however, Canadians are expected to do more for themselves to prepare for their later years. People receiving less than full payment from the Canada Pension Plan fall below the poverty line. One way to have more money is to reduce costs.

When I started noticing that news announcers and commentators seemed to be getting younger and younger, it dawned on me that I must be getting older! I really enjoy learning, so I started exploring what it means to age well, and wondering how to live as fully as...