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Aging Well With Marjorie - Greater Wellbeing for Older Adults
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Greater wellbeing for an aging population, turning challenge into opportunity

Aging Well With Marjorie informs older adults as well as the adult children who care about them, the communities that support them, and the corporations that hire and retire them.

Aging Well With Marjorie translates the latest aging-related research and insights into practical information for the 55+ crowd – to have a good quality of life filled with purpose and meaning, no matter what life brings throughout the aging process.


Recent Posts

Getting Started

When I started noticing that news announcers and commentators seemed to be getting younger and younger, it dawned on me that I must be getting older! I really enjoy learning, so I started exploring what it means to age well, and wondering how to live as fully as......

Organizing Your Life

I’ve had a too-full life recently, so today I’m reminding myself of the practical lessons in Getting Things Done, by David Allen, for better organizing my life. Here’s what he says about managing all the things you want to do....

Homesharing – Right for You?

Homesharing is about two or more people living together, and it can include all ages, incomes, and abilities. Each person has their own bedroom (furnished or unfurnished), and they share common spaces such as kitchen, living room, and yard. Depending on the situation, they may......